About Us

We are a small creative collective from Northern Europe. It's not a secret that we absolutely adore design and different board games.

So in early 2017 we started Behäppi as a brand and started designing and selling wooden IQ puzzle games.

The puzzles we make are anything but boring, they take brain power and patience. And also a lot of thinking!

To solve Behäppi, you must fill the frame with all the puzzle elements and leave no gaps. Yes, you heard correctly, no gaps are allowed. So no cheating, please.

All the puzzles we create require logic and promote spatial thinking but they are also designed to be super fun!

What’s more, they are made using top quality FSC certified birch plywood

"The FSC’s mission is to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests."

We care about the origin of our products and the impact on the world of making them. That's why we source our plywood from the best wholesalers in Scandinavia.

Our beautiful puzzles are also designed to slot into bookshelves alongside books, meaning storage is easy and aesthetically pleasing.

Designed for both children and adults, with different levels of difficulty on each design, Behäppi is guaranteed to keep people of all ages occupied for hours!

Whether it's half term, summer holidays or quality family time on a Sunday afternoon, our hugely popular puzzle games are both fun and educational.

So what are you waiting for, hop on the journey with us and join our cool Behäppi family.

Best wishes,

Behäppi Design Studio happy workers

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