To solve Behäppi puzzles you should fill the frame using all puzzle elements. But remember, no gaps are allowed.

It seems too easy? Not at all. All elements are very much alike.

Thus you should be exceedingly attentive and go over all components to find the right one.

Now it seems too hard ? Don’t give up! You should pay attention to the elements intricate shape, try to find counterparts and put them together.

Then add third element to that pair etc. One by one and you will find it easy to find proper element.

Also pay attention to the texture of the wood and place the elements so that the pattern of the wood is aligned correctly.

Easy and medium level puzzles have assisting elements that makes it easier to start the game and to solve it faster.

Hard level puzzles don't have assisting elements, so try to combine bigger pieces with smaller ones first.

If you are not able to solve the puzzle, check the package, there is a photo of the assembled game.

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