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Behäppi x Ratchet Notion

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Unique & aesthetic collaboration between Behäppi & Ratchet Notion.

This Behäppi Boxy Hard puzzle presents the black & white extreme sports photography at somewhat clinically clean urban landscape. The photo of a skateboarder in a pattern like background may be characterised as a pursuit of a symbiosis between unpredictable action and predictable environment. The photo tries to combine the dynamics and energy of extreme sport with static surroundings, breathing and passion with emotionless objects.

Ratchet Notion is an endless fascination of the street & the beach culture combined with excessively deep imagination. Ratchet Notion visualizes the world of youth & subculture in surf and skateboarding. Thanks to its contemporary and clinically pure content, aesthetic, innovative and diverse stories, Ratchet Notion gathers together the most influential and creative artists.

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  • Photo was made in Tallinn, Estonia (2017) on a 35mm film camera
  • High-quality photo print

Warning! Not for children under 3 years. Includes small parts.



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