“Life is so much better when you are playing.”


Big fun!
These fancy wooden puzzles inspire.
Very beautiful material and wonderful
riddle. Do not take much space away
with their well-designed Behäppi “spine”
on the shelf next to the books.
Makes you want more.


Nice challenge!
I bought it for my husband
who is a fan of this stuff
and it's a great challenge.
We put it together with
hour and 45 minutes.
Thank you, we will get some more
of your interesting puzzles.


Behäppi is an extraordinary wooden puzzle designed and manufactured from top quality Swedish SFC certified birch plywood.

Behäppi puzzles are anything but boring, they take brain power and patience.To solve the puzzle, you must fill the frame with all the puzzle elements.

All the puzzles require logic and promote spatial thinking but they are also designed to be fun!