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The Most Extraordinary Brain Fitness in the World

Behäppi is a beautiful and challenging puzzle designed and hand crafted from birch plywood.

Behäppi is not a simple and boring jigsaw puzzle.

It's extraordinary, fresh and tricky mind melting piece for your brain and a gift for your eyes.

Behäppi will introduce you to the advanced realm of interconnected geometric shapes and patterns.

To solve Behäppi, you need to fill the frame using all puzzle pieces.

Keep in mind that every element has its own place and no gaps between pieces are allowed.

You can solve Behäppi puzzle by yourself or set up a tournament with your family or friends.

Behäppi is the ideal gift for all puzzle fans looking for a new challenge.


Very nice filigree puzzle. Would also be an original gift. I'm sure that it won't be solved in 3 hours.

Melanie Lehner (Switzerland)

An extraordinary puzzle. Very nicely processed! It's a challenge, but it's a lot of fun! Also great as a gift!

Cornelia Gilson (Krefeld)

Big fun! These fancy wooden puzzles inspire. Very beautiful material and wonderful riddle.
Do not take much space away with their well-designed Behäppi "spine" on the shelf next to the books.

Ulrike (Germering)

Great! Something special. Very beautiful.

Heidi Baden (Essen)

Wooden puzzle! I like it so I don't want to put it away.

Renate (Esslingen am Neckar)

Great gift! Hope the recipient also likes it.

Andrea Schmid (Munich)

Out of the ordinary! Demanding and aesthetically beautiful puzzle.

Cornelia Gilson (Krefeld)

Very beautiful! Something new, sophisticated.

Heidi Baden (Dortmund)


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